5 Steps survival guide dealing with a malfunctioning cool room


1. Put less strain on the cool room

Move products to the cool room quickly and keep the cool room closed for as long as possible after stocking to allow the temperature to stabilise. Take cold product out in larger numbers rather than constantly opening and closing the door for a few items. This is a simple survival step for your malfunctioning cool room that will mean less cold air is lost and the cool room is operating under less stress. Get into the habit of thinking before opening to reduce the amount of cold air that can escape and be sure to place commonly used items in easily accessible areas.

2. Check the doors and hinges

Check to see if the door seals are tight and gap free. This is a simple survival step for your commercial refrigeration and malfunctioning cool room that will help prevent cold air leaking out and help ensure the cool room will not be overcompensating for the leakage.

3. Perform simple self check ups

Keep the refrigerator and freezer condenser coils clean from layers of dirt and dust. Check the temperature of your cool room, and if needed make an outside check with another thermometer to verify that the cool room’s thermometer is working properly. It helps to always be on the lookout for your refrigerator making strange noises or giving off a lot of heat.

4. Get regular service and maintenance for your cool room

One of the most important things that you can do is undertake regular scheduled maintenance to ensure your cool room is always functioning to its optimum level. Getting a professional and highly experienced commercial refrigeration service to perform scheduled maintenance on your refrigerator and cool rooms will help increase their efficiency and lifespan.

5. Have a business you can trust on hand for emergency 24/7 support

The hospitality industry is a stressful business and a malfunctioning cool room can cause chaos to your business operations. It is vital you have a professional and highly experienced commercial refrigeration business to provide a fast response solution for all your cool room needs and let you get back to work.

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